Clear Sky Aviation provides Altimeter and ATC transponder systems test and inspection services for both type certificated and experimental general aviation aircraft at your location by our mobile instrument shop. Test and Inspection of Altimeters and altitude reporting equipment is conducted using the industry standard Barfield pitotstatic test system. Clear Sky Aviation always has a complete set of pitot and static port adapters on hand including those specifically designed for your airplane. We begin by leak testing your pitot and static pressure systems. Next, we subject your altimeters and blind encoders to simulated altitudes up to the service ceiling of your airplane. Optionally, we can also test your air speed indicators and record their accuracy. At the conclusion a full test report is provided to the client. Test and inspection of ATC transponder systems is conducted using the industry standard Aeroflex IFR 6000 flight line test set. We begin by establishing a link between our test-set to your ATC transponder either through a direct or wireless connection. Next, we interrogate your ATC transponder to the full extent of its MODE A, C or S functionalities. At the conclusion a full computer generated test report is provided to the client.

Clear Sky Aviation provides prompt evaluation, repair or overhaul of the most popular radios and instruments used in both type certified and experimental general aviation aircraft. For a fixed flat fee, we will evaluate the performance and airworthiness of your radio or instrument using the applicable FAA Technical Standard Order or manufacturer’s specifications. Once the evaluation is complete your equipment will be labeled as Serviceable, Repairable or Rejected. Serviceable articles are yellow tagged and returned to the owner along with a completed FAA form 8130-3 airworthiness approval tag. In the case of green tagged Repairable articles, the client is offered a firm price quotation for us to repair or overhaul their equipment – returning it to Serviceable condition. The price of the initial evaluation is deducted from the price of the quoted maintenance. In the case that an article is labeled as Rejected the client will be advised that their equipment is beyond economical repair.

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Inspection & On Site Testing


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Clear Sky Aviation offers both

fixed base operation at KCHO

and mobile services throughout

Central Virginia and beyond


Within 4 Nautical Miles of KCHO


Within 4 to 25 Nautical Miles of KCHO


Greater than 25 Nautical Miles from KCHO

FAR 91.413 ATC Transponder Tests and Inspections                                                      

  • Appointment Duration: 1.0 Hours
  • Equipment: Single Transponder


FAR 91.411 Altimeter System and Altitude Reporting Equipment Tests and Inspections

  • Appointment Duration: 1.5 Hours 
  • Equipment: Single Altimeter, Single Encoder


Airspeed Indicator Calibration Including Pitot and Static Pressure Systems Leak Testing

  • Appointment Duration: 1.5 Hours
  • Equipment: Single Airspeed Indicator


Biannual IFR Check Including Both 91.413 and 91.411 Tests and Inspections  : $360

Reasonable Daily Travel Fees are Added for Services Provided Outside of Zone 1

Radio & Instrument Repair


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